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2019 Baseus Annual New Product Release Event

During the company’s keynote at its annual 8.18 new product release event, Baseus, a leading consumer electronics brand, announced that 124 new products were launched on 18th, August!


As of today, Bongioviacoustics, a pioneer of using audio data to deliver deeply immersive speaker-less audio technology and

providing profound VR/AR experiences, witnessed official cooperation with us for our sub-brand "GAMO" on audio products.


Besides, we made a breakthrough on fast charging technology by releasing a mini GaN fast charger based on revolutionary and bleeding-edge GaNFast technology which reduces power consumption by a whopping 40% over the current generation of silicon transistors.


“Connected homes”, intelligent homes, that do everything autonomously, are a technological frontier that everyone would like to become part of. Baseus is heading to this trend by developing intelligent light.


The new products will be available from official Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebey and other platforms as well as our distributors. The timing may vary by country and region.

We ‘ve always been about meaningful digital life at Baseus and make people’s digital easier by leveraging the latest revolution of technology,” says the founder CU. “Our customers reminded us of a very important point:it’s the product that matters, not the format or path to it.”



  • Aug 20, 2019
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