Baseus offers the best and practical beauty care items for personal health and cares with great design and quality.
Description Baseus intelligent motion senor smart lighting is designed to spread the love and care to your family,...
Description Small Pig Shape Germinating Vehicle Inner Space, aromatherapy ornaments that cannot be missed in the recurrent year...
Car Air Purifier HumidifierAir Humidifier Touch Switch Mist Maker
Description Filter screen+ negative ion dual purification emits negative ions beneficial to the human body, It has Built-in...
Mini Ultrasonic Mist MakerMini Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Description Funny Little Whale Simplified cup-shaped design, small and delicate, can be placed in the car cup holder,...
Portable Ultrasonic Mist HumidifierPortable Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier
Description Fun animal cartoon design, delicate and portable, add more your fun humidification. Two-section split combination with long...
2.4L Large Capacity Essential Oil Humidifier2.4L Large Capacity Essential Oil Humidifier
Description Baseus super 2.4L desktop humidifier. A simple new design always attracts people's attention no matter where it...
Nano Mute Essential Oil Car HumidifierNano Mute Essential Oil Car Humidifier
Description Nano mute essential oil car humidifier using 1.7 million high-frequency vibrations technology, the spraying amount is up...
Air Humidifier With Colorful Light Fan380ML Aroma Air Humidifier With Colorful Light Fan
Description Air humidifier aroma diffuser with colorful atmosphere lights, every humidified corner makes moisture constantly, makes your life...
600ML Air Humidificador With LED Lamp600ML Air Humidificador With LED Lamp
Description New upgrade large capacity,two-level adjustment, night light mode, anti-dry-burn design, 600ml large capacity, Free from leakage, 10h...
Baseus Herbal Essential Oil Aromatherapy DiffuserHerbal Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser
Description Herbal essential oil aromatherapy diffuser, one key to diffuse the fragrance, higher purity, long-lasting. The built-in turbo...
Baseus 2in1 Car Air Purifier Car Humidifier Car clean & storage BaseusIntelligent 2in1 Car Air Purifier
Description Baseus 2in1 Car Air Purifier Car Humidifier Negative Ions Air Cleaner Ionizer with Filter Remove PM2.5 Formaldehyde...
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