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Baseus makes every effort in House Hold Appliance to let your life easier and less complicated than it has to be. Browse through our range of high-quality household appliances, like Home Pest Killer Repellents, Clothes & Shoes Appliances, and Other Appliances. Come to find affordable appliances with us now!

Description Features: 1. After using this product for wiping and disinfecting, it will be completely volatilized and no...
Shoe dryer deodorizer warmer heaterShoe Dryer Deodorizer Warmer Heater
Description Product's appearance looks nice. Looks ergonomic. There is even a wire clip. The plastic from which the...
Description The wall-mounted holder can be used on all types of walls, it can hold two phones at...
Description With a natural and mild original design, With the easy adjustment, it can replace the air outlet...
Intelligent Lanyard Anti-Loss ElvesIntelligent Card Type Anti-Loss Device
Description Baseus intelligent card type anti-loss device uses high-quality PC material, ceramic buzzer piece, low power chip, and battery...
Automatic Induction Foaming Touch-less Soap DispenserAutomatic Induction Hand Washing Mashine

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Description Penguin-shaped elbow nozzle design, enjoy speedy foaming without touching the wall of the machine; convenient and quick...
Digital Kitchen Magnetic CountdownDigital Kitchen Magnetic Countdown
Description Digital kitchen magnetic countdown won 2019 Taiwan golden pin Design Award. Electronic timing part avoids repeated mechanical...
USB Electric Anti Mosquito Killer LED LampMini Star Killer Lamp
Description The mosquito repellent Baseus is a device that offers you to stop mosquitoes; it has its technology....
Night Light Bluetooth Speaker With Alarm ClockNight Light Bluetooth Speaker With Alarm Clock
Description 4-in-1 wireless speaker with alarm clock function, annular atmosphere lamp, the light is comfortable.Dual magnetic full-frequency horn,...
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Automatic Induction Foaming Touch-less Soap Dispenser Automatic Induction Hand Washing Mashine

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