Intelligent 2in1 Car Air Purifier

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Baseus 2in1 Car Air Purifier Car Humidifier Negative Ions Air Cleaner Ionizer with Filter Remove PM2.5 Formaldehyde for Car Home

Efficient Purification

The removal efficiency of particles with a diameter of over 0.3 microns (1/200 of hair diameter) is more than 99.97%, which can effectively filter the pollutants such as smoke, dust, bacteria and so on. The double-layer purification that purifies the air after combining and falling together with positively charged dust in the air and forms negative oxygen ions, so as to deliver more oxygen to the human body.

Intelligent Switching

Dual purification Strain combines with negative ions. Two-level purification mode manual + Automatic that can be chosen. The intelligent Level switching and automatic selection of purification levels can make you enjoy the clean air in the car.

Improve Air Quality

This humidifier provides a cool mist and adding moisture to the air, also effectively eliminates dryness, helps with dry chapped skin, lips, sinuses, and coughs. You don't need to worry about the dry air in the car anymore.

Silent & With No Noise

With brushless DC motor, the noise is as low as 30db at start-up, and it can almost be ignored in the process of driving. It won't interfere with your driving, so just enjoy the driving time!


Intelligent 2in1 Car Air Purifier