Baseus Alloy Car Air Freshener


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Baseus Alloy Car Air Freshener Perfume Fragrance Auto Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Solid Air Outlet Dashboard Perfume Holder

1. The smell of our products is relatively natural and fragrant, not so strong.
2. You must press the holder to have a fragrance when you use it.
3. If you have any questions after receiving the product, you can contact us directly, thank you for your understanding.

Natural & Lasting Perfume

Our air freshener extracted from plants that can decompose odor molecules and restore lasting fragrance to your car. The breakthrough nano-solid concentration technology offers a vitalization rate 10 times lower than that of liquid scent, stable and long-lasting fragrance, freshen your car all year round. And the natural perfume with 0 alcohol that is even safe for pregnant women and kids.

Exquisite &Multipurpose Design

It is small that can suit anywhere in the car without blocking your sight and occupying space. The car air freshener not limited to use in the car, but also for wardrobe, bathroom, living room, pet houses, and more situations.

Durable & Repeated Material

This aluminum alloy fragrance diffuser is stable, durable, and sun exposure resistant that it is suitable for a variety of cars. After repeated washing, the viscosity is still the same, no harm to the car, no trace.




Baseus Alloy Car Air Freshener