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With a natural and mild original design, With the easy adjustment, it can replace the air outlet paddle. The ultrathin design does not interfere with the ventilation of the air outlet, made of alcohol-free natural botanical extracts it is non-toxic and harmless, its imported fragrance has ROHS health certification and is safe to pregnant women and babies.


Air Volume: 50m³/h
Power (W): 1w
Voltage (V): 6V
Installation: Mini
Type: Car Air Freshener Car Air Perfume
Fragrance: Lemon
Material: Clinker + Alloy
Size: 80*30mm
Install Way: Clip Type
Fix Position: Air Vent Mount/Air Outlet
Feature: Both a Car Air Freshener and a Paddle
Function: Long-lasting Air Freshener
Usage: for Homes Toilet Office Bedroom Car Air Freshener
Applicable: can use for pregnant women and children
Packing List 1: Cologne*3pcs/Marine*2pcs /Gardenia*1pcs
Packing List 2: Cologne*6pcs/Marine*4pcs /Gardenia*2pcs
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Car Air Freshener Clip