Intelligent Card Type Anti-Loss Device

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Baseus intelligent card type anti-loss device uses high-quality PC material, ceramic buzzer piece, low power chip, and battery to create a slim, lightweight and super intelligent device. This type of device can be applied to any kind of "thing" including bags, keys, phones, pets, or even kids. 


Product Type: Electric Toothbrush Parts
Model Number: Baseus Wireless Smart Tracker Anti-lost Alarm
Material: PC
Color: White/Blue/ Pink
Rated voltage: 3V
Rated current: 33mA
Rated power: 10uW
Volume: 80-100dB
Card type battery: 3V 150mAh
Rope type Battery: 3V 75mAh
Card type size: 54*54*2.7mm
Rope type size: 37*25*6mm
Card type Weight: 8g
Rope type Weight: 5g
Feature 1: Mini and Compact
Feature 2: Two-way Anti-Loss Reminder
Feature 3: One-click Quick Search
Feature 4: High Decibel Call
Feature 5: Intelligent Trajectory Query





Built-in 3V /75mAh battery (replaceable)
It lasts about 180 days

Built-in 3V/ 150mAh polymer battery(Non-replacement)
It lasts about 365 days

Simple Configuration, Get started Quickly
One account can bind multiple devices

Step 1: Download "Baseus Smart "APP
Step 2: Turn on the wireless feature of the cellphone, Turn on the positioning function and bind the device
Step 3: Press button for 3 seconds to complete the connection
Domestic download method
Android users: 360 assistants and Yingyongbao APP store
IP users: APP store

Overseas download method
Android users search for "Baseus Smart" in the Play store
IP users search for "Baseus Smart "in the IP APP Store

Multi-device Binding
Android phone can only connect to 4 products
An IP mobile phone can only connect to 6 products

Contact us
If you have a problem that cannot be solved, you can contact us by using the information on the manual or through the "Baseus Smart" APP


Intelligent Card Type Anti-Loss Device