Makeup Mirror Lights Lamp

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We using the light from the slight arc-shaped crescent lamp body fits better to lighting for the whole face, plus the larger illumination plane and more concentrated light, which is comparable to natural light sources and helps you with an easy and natural makeup.



Use: bedroom
Electric Heater Type: Tubular Heater
Power: <800W
Installation: Portable
Installation: Freestanding
Heating Element: Heating Wire
Number of Speed Settings: >Fifth gear
Area Heated: <20㎡
Voltage (V): 220V
Application: <10㎡
Certification: CE
Function: Lighting
Power: 4W
Size: 319*40*60mm
Material: ABS+PC
Product weight: 200g
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Color temperature1: 6500K(white light)
Color temperature2: 4000K(natural light)
Operating temperature: 10°C~+40°C
Feature 1: Crescent full light design
Feature 2: High color rendering index LED Lamp beads
Feature 3: Touch step-less dimming
Feature 4: Multi-scene application
Feature 5: 2200mAh high-capacity battery
Feature 6: USB charging




Q: light is not on?
A: When using the lamp for the first time, please use a 5V charger to charge the lamp

Q: How to adjust the brightness of the light?
A: Long touch switch button, the light brightness is adjusted infinitely (Note: the first long touch switch button, the light brightness is from low to high, the second long touch switch is built, the light brightness is from high to low, so on)

Q: Is this lamp waterproof?
A: Not waterproof.

Q: Working hours?
A: Highlight (3 hours) / medium brightness (10 hours) / low brightness (60 hours)

Q: How can I turn off the light automatically?
A: Turn off at a fixed time in 90 minutes: when the light is turned on for 90 minutes, it will turn off automatically (to avoid forgetting to turn off the light after turning on the light, resulting in power waste)

Q: Why is the light dim?
A: Please charge the lamp in time when the lamp is dimmed after use.

Tear off & Stick on, No Punching and Installation

The built-in battery makes punching or wiring unnecessary. The lamp can stick firmly with 3M super glue and tear off without any marks. Tear it off without fear of leaving marks.

1. Tear off the high viscosity 3M adhesive of the base.

2. Paste the lamp body base to the appropriate position.

3. Put the lamp body close to the base and absorb it.


Makeup Mirror Lights Lamp